Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Details in the making...

A few details are beginnging to unfold.
Photographer: CHECK! I am so extremely excited about our photographer... aside from her being the sister of my best friend, we also grew up 3 houses down from each other. The amazingly talented Melissa Butler owner of Emby Photography will be shooting our engagement pics, my bridals, and our ceremony and reception on the big day. We have already shared a few ideas for our engagement and the thought of it makes me beside myself with excitement. She just started doing photography on the side from her being a teacher AND a mom of 4... and her work is so awesome.
Check out her Emby Photography blog to see all of her creative work she has done so far.
Ceremony site: CHECK! We are having our ceremony at the Avenue Church in Waxahachie.

Minister: CHECK! My brother, Chase, will be marrying us which I am thrilled about! He has never done a wedding before so it will be interesting but so personable at the same time... can't wait!!!

Reception site: CHECK! The reception will be held at the Red Oak Muncipal Center. We went to see this a few weekends ago and are thinking it's perfect and we can do so much to it for a May wedding since there are doors to a covered patio from the ballroom. 
Wedding party: CHECK! I am so fired up about this group of people. We love each one so much and are SO happy they have agreed to make this day extra special to us. My group of girls include my two cousins Abby and Katy, best friends Taylor, Sarah, and Blaire, sister-in-law Cali, future sister-in-law Amanda, and cousin Hannah as the flower girl.
Brent's group of guys are his brother-in-law Brian, furture brother-in-laws Chase and Jake, cousin Whitney, and best friends Bates, Jake, and Davis and nephew Brock as the ring bearer.
That's all so far... I'm thinking I'm going to really get truckin' along as soon as Summer hits and school is out... I'll be full force then. Stay tuned for more. Happy Tuesday!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's official... Date is set!!!!

After about 2 weeks of searching and planning where the venue is going to be... the date is now FINALLY set to May 19th, 2012!!! The ceremony will be at The Avenue in Waxahachie
following with the reception at the Muncipal Center in Red Oak.

We... well let me be realistic, I am so excited to start getting everything planned, made, and booked. Stay tuned for more updates as it all happens. :) Ohhh and if you just can't get enough (HA!!!) go to our wedding webpage http://www.theknot.com/ourwedding/BrentFalls&KelseyWillingham Love you all!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

We're ENGAGED!!!!!

Okay, so after 5 years of dating my best friend... we are finally ENGAGED!!! I'm so thrilled and overwhelmed with excitement I can hardly stand it. I thought I'd let everyone in on how the whole day went down, and how he completely surprised me with the most perfect proposal ever. So this weekend Brent had planned on my cousin Abby and her boyfriend Andy to come down to Burleson to his sisters to cookout and watch the Ranger game with us. So after a horrible week I'm looking so forward to a relaxing weekend and low and behold, on Friday morning I woke up feeling absolutley horrible... went to the doctor and the dreaded verdict was... STREP! I asked him the quickest way possible to feel well by tomorrow and he suggested the shot, so I took one for the team and let him at it. Went home and slept the rest of that day and woke up Saturday morning feeling better, but still not 100%. So strep throat and all, I pack my bags and hit the road to Burleson. Brent's sister Amanda and I went and ran errands all day, came back... met Abby and Andy and (THANK GOD) did our nails. Brent's parents came by to "take pictures" of his niece and nephew and we are all just outside on the patio hanging out, playing with chalk... and I just ironically doodled this.
 Then all of a sudden I hear everyone saying heyyyy so I look (in I swear slow motion) to see my Mom who is carrying Margo, and Dad who is carrying the prettiest roses.
I kept asking what they were doing here and then (still in slow motion) Brent comes out behind my dad and kneals down at my chair. I covered my face and cried in disbelief that it was all happening that he had to tell me to "STAND UP"!
I stood up, and heard the words "Will you marry me"? It took me a while but there was a yes reply... (I think). HA! It is all such a blur what happened from there because of all the excitement but it was absolutley perfect.... not to mention this bad boy.

 He did so good. We celebrated for the rest of the night.... It was all perfect.

Here is a video too so you can watch how it all went down. :) I am so excited for all the wedding planning to start... tune in to be updated on all the info!!!