Thursday, January 19, 2012

Long Time, No hear

It's been a LONG time since I've even gotten a chance to think about updating this thing. I hate that my crazy life is now so limited with work, school, and wedding planning. :) I haven't even logged into this thing in OVER a MONTH.... just CRAZY... well, for me! Since 2012 has rolled around... the wedding planning has really been in full swing, and tons of details are in the making. AS OF TODAY... IT IS EXACTLY 4 MONTHS AWAY!!!!
 I never thought the time would come. :) Brent and I went to register this weekend at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target. Talk about exhausting... but also exciting at the same time. First time I have ever done 5 hours of hardcore shopping and not bought one. single. thing. Our engagement pictures by EMBY photography turned out even better than I imagined they would. Here are JUST a few of our absolute favorites...

EMBY and I are already scheming up idea's for my bridals... EEEK!
WELL... this Saturday I am gaining ANOTHER sweet amazing SISTER! Yep, it's already here!!! My brother Chase and his fiance Robyn's wedding DAY!!! I can't believe how fast time has FLOWN by. Seems like just yesterday he was planning the surprise proposal that turned out perfect... you can read about it here. I'll be sure...maybe :) ... hopefully... two months from now... to do a post with pictures from the weekend. :) I know she is going to be beautiful.

My sweet lifetime long friend Blaire is having baby #2 in February... so I helped throw just a small "sprinkle" for her and sweet Madi Kay.
She had a great turn out and got lots of precious things to welcome her new precious baby home in just a few weeks.

My cousin Emily had her baby JAYCE on the 9th...
We joked with her that she named him by putting both of my brother's names together...
JAKE and CHASE. :)

Oh, and just one reason why I LOVE my job...
I have my precious babies convinced I am Justin Bieber's cousin. So when they doubted me, I came up with this hilarious, but LEGIT, picture of my and my "cuz". Their sweet faces when they saw this picture was priceless.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!