Monday, September 19, 2011

Made by you Monday: Pom-Pom Flower Headband Tutorial

I have really been on a headband kick lately and have been itching to make some. I made a trip to hobby lobby and got busy. For this precious pom all you will need chiffon material in whichever color pom you love, pre-cut squares of felt in whatever color (can be found in any craft section), GOOD cutting scissors, hot glue gun and back up sticks, and stretchy headbands (I prefer goody) which again can be in the color of your choice.
Start by tracing about 1 1/2 inch circles onto your chiffon, I used the top edge of a small cup.
You will need about 30-35 circles depending on how full you want your flower. I traced about 8 circle and just added layers underneath the chiffon so you aren't having to cut so many individually (this is only if you have GOOD scissors).
Once you have all of your circles cut out, you then trace about a 3 inch (again depending on your size preference) circle onto your felt and fold in half and cut, so that you have two the same size.
Then just grab a circle of your chiffon from the middle and fold up as you would do with tissue paper when putting it in a gift sack.
Hot glue the tip, and glue in the center of one of your pieces of the felt.
 Just keep folding and gluing circles around the middle until you have filled the whole circle.
You can definitely see how full and even the flower is on all sides, and just add as you need to... it's pretty much fail proof!!! Once you have you pom the way you want it flip it over and add glue to the center of the felt, and lay your headband on the glue... hold it there for a few seconds so its secure.

 Then just add glue around the whole piece of felt and grab felt circle #2 and lay on the glue.
 I then go around with my scissors and cut off excess felt that was not used, and make sure none of the felt is lifting up, if so add glue!
 I'm thinking you could even add this to a clip also. .
I even made a few for Brent's niece Emma, to spunk up her school uniform attire :)

Happy Pom-poming!
Have a wonderful week!

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