Monday, July 25, 2011


This weekend Brent and I headed to the LBK for the weekend to see our best friends. We had so much fun... definitely don't miss that 5 hour drive at all :) but it was totally worth it. 

 We got there late Friday night so we just hung out for a few hours and went to bed. Sarah, Taylor, and I went to the awesome leisure pool on Saturday that Tech just built as a part of their REC center. 

I was beyond blown away. We took advantage of the lazy river, water slide, and built in layout chairs all afternoon. We then went back got ready and went to dinner at my all time favorite BBQ place, Rudy's. We hooked up with the guys after dinner and all went out to Cricket's, so much fun!

Sunday we slept in, and went to lunch at this best kept secret... Five Guys. 

Absolutely hands down, the best cheeseburger and fries I've ever had! Definitely a must try whenever your feeling like being bad and wanting a juicy greasy burger. 
I am so blessed to have such genuine best friends who I love so much! We headed home after lunch, got back that night and Brent and I had dinner with his parents, relaxed on the patio, and watched a movie. It was a great weekend :) 
On Sunday, Bridgette, a family friend of ours who is like a sister to me, had her BEAUTIFUL baby girl HOPE. I couldn't wait to get back to get my hands on her.
 This beauty was a whopping 8 pds. 3 oz!
Okay, now I must warn you... if your trying to diet... you might want to stop reading ASAP.
Chocolate chip and oreo cookie brownie bar. Need I say more?
All you need is boxed brownie mix and the ingredients to make it, oreos, and chocolate chip cookie dough that comes in the packaged roll.
 Spray pan with cooking spray, I lined it with wax paper which is just for easy clean up, but not a must.
 Roll out the dough...
 Place oreos....
 Mix brownie mix and pour...
 Spread the mix evenly... and bake at 350 for 44 minutes.

These two were my taste testers... and they approved :)
Make sure to get a scoop of ice cream to dollop on top of yours... I forgot it while at the store.

Am I the only one counting down the days until the Bachelor Pad starts? This preview has me hooked.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Re-cap

This past weekend one of my very best childhood friends, Robin, got married in Seguin... down by New Braunfels. Mom, dad and I headed down to Austin on Friday and spent the day at the hotel and went to eat that night on the lake Travis at Hula Hut... and had their FRIED ALVACADO, YUM!
 If you are ever in the area... it's a must stop!! The next day we ate lunch at the River Pub in San Marcos, which is also a must, and then headed to Seguin. It was such a perfect, sweet, and senimental wedding. Our dad's coached together in Ennis since I was 5 and they moved 5 years ago when her dad got a head coaching job. Our familes were so close growing up and we were inseperable. The head coach that our dad coached for, who our families are also VERY close with, was the minister at the wedding and it was so sweet, that I cried!!! She was such a beautiful bride, and it was so good to see her.
We headed home after the sweet wedding and of course had to stop at the George's in waco to eat... their chicken fried steak is absolutley DELICIOUS!!!
Sunday night Brent and I went to The Avenue, had dinner and offically joined as members. YAY!!! When we left, I couldn't believe the words that came out of his mouth.... "I'm kinda craving ice cream"? For any that know him... know that he NEVER eats or craves sweets... and any that know me know that I LOOOVE them. So I hopped right on it and we went headed to Nikki's to begin the indulgement.
Then I look up to see that this totally inexperienced sweet eater totally mixed up in yogurt... ew it looks ruined.
He said, Seeeee now its a shake!" :)
I had such a fun, relaxing weekend... LOVE weekends like these.
Saturday, Brent's nephew Brock (THE ring bearer) :), had his 3rd birthday party that I so sadly had to miss. I can't believe he is ALREADY 3 YEARS old!!!
 I have watched him grow into such a sweet, happy little man.
Time flies.
Aunt Sassy loves you Brock Ryan!!!
Bachelorette home dates tonight... NOT a fan of Ashley but so excited!
Have a wonderful week :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm back!!!

WOW! I had no idea my summer would have me SO busy that I wouldn't have time to update my blog? I of course was still following all my usuals, but could just not find the time to update my own. I started off my first week of summer in Mexico and have been in and out of town just about every week since. I've have stayed so busy that I haven't even had time to just relax and do nothing at home in... I can't even remember how long! As far as wedding stuff goes... These past two weeks I've made so much progress. I had my first fitting for my dress, ordered an accesory for the bridesmaids, went to canton and bought lots of new decor, changed the bridesmaids dresses, set our engagement pictures shoot date, and brought out the mod podge to put together this organized planner that will make planning much easier.

Brent and I meet with the wedding coordinator from the church on Wednesday. And speaking of the groom....I have been really on him lately about deciding what he wants his groomsmen to wear. The only thing he doesn't want is black tuxes... and that is as far as we have gotten with that. I just can't move past these precious TOMS though for the guys to wear.

Too cute, huh? So I'm hoping to go by these to choose their apperal.... We'll see! :)

So since feathers are the new hippest thing, and I am supporting/obbsessed with them myself... I decided to share the trend with this little one.
And oh does she flaunt them well with that brown highlighted looking hair of hers!!!
I start Summer 2 session of school tomorrow, such a bummer! But it is one step closer to becoming DONE, graduated, and on to a big girl job... which for some reason I CAN NOT wait for. I have so enjoyed my summer so far... here are several pics from what I've been up to since I last updated.

OHHH and a little tid bit for those of you who live around my area, I just recently discovered that Waxahachie has 2 new self serve frozen yogurt places, Merry Toppins and Nikki's, and they are both delcious!!! So beat the heat and treat yourself to a yummy fro-yo.
I'm off to unWINE'd with the girls and watch the bachelorette.... Have a wonderful week!!!